Ron Sondergaard for California State Assembly District 10




Assemblyman Levine has suggested demolishing and replacing the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. This recommendation is made before Caltrans and the Bay Area Toll Authority  complete their $800,000 study on the future of the bridge. Mr. Levine has suggested increasing the sales tax in order to replace the bridge. He has made this recommendation prior to the study being completed.

Will the Richmond Bridge become another High Speed Rail project? These votes by the Democrat legislature are a perfect example of a sink hole with no bottom. Mr. Levine votes for all of them.


Mr. Levine proposes a tax on the purchase of a firearm. Californians have the right to protect themselves, their families and their liberty without being constantly taxed. Every additional tax the legislature imposes makes safety more difficult.

A tax on firearm purchases is just another attack on the 2nd Amendment. We do need to remember that many of our elected officials do have security available. Some of them even have concealed carry permits.

AB-5 The Gig Worker Bill

Mr. Levine voted for AB5 which threatens the livelihood of tens of thousands of Californians who want and need flexible jobs. The push to force California workers to work as scheduled employees was made by the unions who want more dues paying members. The Democrats went right along with supporting unions while ignoring Californians who wish to work in their own manner.

The attack on independent contractors is just another example of government restricting our freedom in order to get the support of unions. Citizens should have the right to work in whatever manner they wish without the nanny state getting involved.

Affordable Housing

Mr. Levine, in 2017, convinced the Democrat legislature to approve an exemption so Marin County would not have to obey the state mandate on affordable housing. According to the United States Census Bureau, 8% or 20,000 residents of Marin County live in poverty. While Marin residents may be grateful for the exemption that Mr. Levine managed to get, it is unfair to the surrounding counties. 

While politicians like Mr. Levine go on endlessly about affordable housing, none of them seem too concerned about the incredible costs and regulations placed on anyone wanting to build housing or even wanting to build a granny unit. If they were serious about housing, permit costs and taxes would be seriously reduced. 

PG&E - Another Government Takeover

Mr. Levine wants the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to appoint a Public Administrator to oversee PG&E. The CPUC is the agency tasked with overseeing privately owned public utilities. This agency, whose members are appointed by the governor, has a $1.6 Billion budget. Their website claims they “[assure] Californians’

access to safe and reliable utility infrastructure and services.” They might be able to do that if they didn’t have to make sure that PG&E meets all the goals of the climate change group. 

The fires in California are a result of terrible forest management practices and the utility companies unable to focus 100% on their main responsibility: provide safe and reliable service to customers without having to take into account endless climate change objections and social engineering goals. We do not need another government run agency.